Update on Planning for 2021

We are confident, excited, and working around-the-clock to get camp and our community ready for the most anticipated return to Beach Lake, PA ever. We will keep this page updated in the weeks and months before the summer comes for your convenience, and hope that you're ready to label those t-shirts, put batteries in those flashlights, find those rain boots, and Bring Out the Best with us at Chestnut Lake Camp!

The Way We're Thinking & Planning

Keys to our planning for 2021 will be:

Gather Information & Leverage Expertise Updated: April 1, 2021

Since the decision was made to cancel our 2020 season, we have been focused on gathering, convening, analyzing, and applying intelligence and resources to ensure that we utilize the best insight to inform decisions and guide our community through the summer. Working with pediatricians and epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, public health and risk mitigation experts, mental health professionals, and others, will allow our camp leaders to focus on the key priorities and come to decisions that are going to ensure the safest, most fun, and best summer ever. Meet CLC's outstanding team of COVID-19 Advisors (Dr. Lenny Krilov, Dr. Ron Marino, David Larsen, Ph.D., Brittany Kmush, Ph.D., and Megan Owens, Ph.D.) and PM Pediatrics, who will be providing testing and educational resources.

Make Decisions When It's Time

During a crisis, there may be a tendency to rush to solutions. Our commitment is to make each decision when it feels like the right time — not too soon to prematurely limit ourselves, and not too late to make the preparation for camp too challenging. We will continue to update our community as we confirm plans, and we will remain nimble so that we can keep focused on the ultimate goal to make 2021 incredibly successful.

Communicate Openly & Effectively

We will communicate transparently and actively and will share information with families and staff in real-time when necessary. We will also pace ourselves to try to avoid overwhelming our stakeholders with information, keeping emails, resources, and updates on this site clear and as concise as possible.

Partner with Families & Staff

The success of every summer is due to effective collaboration with our community members. Our campers, parents, and staff members matter to us most of all, and your input and support make all the difference. As always, we will listen to and respond to feedback and suggestions. And we know that as we need involvement and accordance from those we serve, we will enjoy the typical Chestnut Lake community engagement.

Inspire & Apply Creativity

The impact of COVID-19 creates the need for adaptability and resilience, as well as the development of innovation and resourcefulness. Our team continues to focus on the possibilities and not only on any restrictions. We have already developed extensive plans, options, new Plan Bs and Cs, and are continuing to try to keep as many potential routes open as possible. We appreciate and are enjoying the added challenges that are bringing new ideas forward.

The Stuff We're Thinking About & Working On

In the months leading up to the summer, these are selected topics that we will be addressing:

Dates & Sessions Updated: April 1, 2021

We are excited to welcome campers for our standard 4, 3, and 7-week programs, and will continue to update the community on various important dates here. The release of any restrictions by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on enrollment capacity or the use of facilities on our campus has already been taken into account and we will remain flexible as we prepare for the camp season.

Controlled Environment

In some ways, camp has always been like a "bubble" because we manage to create a self-contained world for our campers and staff each year. This summer, we appreciate the value of ensuring that our safe and healthy environment is controlled through various methods such as limiting access, establishing new protocols, and other detailed steps that we will share prior to the summer.

Staffing & Leadership

We are excited about the staff being assembled to lead us through the summer. Staff will arrive at least two weeks before the arrival of campers, will enjoy an enhanced campus experience to help us maintain a secure environment, and we have new positions added to make CLC even better.

Testing & Surveillance

We will utilize best practices and have secured testing options that are informed by experts to shape our pre-arrival, arrival, and post-arrival testing and surveillance strategies including PCR testing and wastewater surveillance.

Pre-Arrival Preparation & Transportation Updated: April 1, 2021

We will provide detailed directions to families and staff in advance of the summer regarding instructions for the week before arrival at camp, including expectations for limited exposure for camp participants prior to and following pre-camp COVID testing. In terms of travel to and from camp, we will continue to consider both typical bus and car drop-off options until a final decision is made in April/May. Our Florida families (and others that may use air travel in a typical summer) will most likely be provided with those same arrangements for this summer.

Health Care, Safety & NPIs Updated: April 1, 2021

We have upgraded our healthcare facilities and grown our medical teams to ensure that campers will receive the most exceptional care for any and every need they may have throughout the summer. As needed, we will utilize Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) strategies such as being outdoors, social/physical distancing, and wearing masks guided by recommendations from our experts. NPI usage will be expected more vigorously during the opening "Pod Phase" of each session (approximately 5-7 days).

Vaccination Updated: April 1, 2021

We will not mandate COVID-19 vaccination for campers but will continue to require that all participants abide by our standard immunization policies. Many CLC staff members have already received a COVID vaccine and we are hopeful that many other camp employees (and older teens in our Junior Counselor Program) will as well before the summer.

Visiting Day & Parent Contact Updated: April 1, 2021

We always look forward to welcoming families to camp for Visiting Day (scheduled for July 18, 2021), but an in-person event like this is highly unlikely for this summer. We will continue to provide opportunities for campers and parents to connect throughout the summer, including the consideration of new virtual options.

Trips & Programming Updated: April 1, 2021

We will be enjoying a robust schedule of fun and exciting programs throughout the summer! Based on recommendations from experts, we will decide whether adjustments to the scheduling, locations, or group sizes for activities are needed. Prior to the summer, we will confirm our plans for off-site trip programs for campers in 3rd-8th grades, as well as communicate directly with our families in the Varsity and JC programs (9th-12th grades) about trip plans for those groups. We envision a "Pod Phase" for all campers during the first 5-7 days of each session that will take advantage of a wide range of amazing and fun activities while simultaneously limiting the close contact of campers in each division/group with campers and staff outside of their "pod" (bunk/division).

Tours & Preparation for Summer 2022 Updated: April 1, 2021

We plan to offer individual family tours on-site this summer and will begin to schedule those in April/May (families interested in tours prior to the summer can contact us to schedule). Although we will not offer our typical 1-night Discovery Camp in 2021, we will be continuing to provide a great menu of experiences for parents and prospective campers to choose from. Updates on those opportunities can be found here.

We can barely contain our excitement for Chestnut Lake Camp's 13th summer providing children with the chance to break away, to discover, to reconnect, to explore, to grow, to laugh, to fall down, and to learn how Chestnut Lake can "Bring Out the Best in Me!"

Need to chat? Please contact Aaron Selkow anytime.