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2018 Starting Dates for Staff

Division Leaders Arrive at Camp

June 12th

Head of Areas Arrive at Camp

June 12th

Outdoor Adventure Staff and Waterfront Staff Arrive at Camp

June 12th

Varsity Staff Arrive at Camp

June 15th

Activity Specialists Arrive at Camp

June 15th

General Counselor/Cabin Specialists Arrive at Camp

June 17th

2018 Important Dates

Opening Campfire

June 24th

Visiting Day

July 15th

Tribal Competition

July 16th-18th

First Session Campers Depart

July 20th

2nd Session Campers Arrive

July 21st

Tribal War

August 5th-6th

Campers and Counselors Depart

August 9th

Area Directors & Division Leaders Depart

August 10th

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is camp located?
Beach Lake, Pennsylvania – 2.5 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Philadelphia and 10 minutes from the Delaware River
Where are the counselors from?
We recruit from some of the finest colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and abroad. Staff must have completed their first year of college prior to working at CLC.
Will I be trained?
There is a 6 day orientation where our staff begins to develop skills that will be used throughout the summer. The training process continues with meetings every week and support from Division Leaders, Head Counselors and Camp Directors. We expect our staff to come to camp with a willingness to grow and learn.
Where will I live while in camp?
Bunk counselors live in the cabin with their campers and co-counselors. The bunks have modern bathrooms and spacious clothing rooms. Area Directors and Division Leaders will have "newly" built private or semi private rooms with private bathrooms. Support Staff live in staff housing in either dorms or large cabins.
How much time off will I get?
You will get one period off each day. Your free time can be spent relaxing and enjoying the camp facilities. There is a staff lounge, equipped with satellite TV, internet computers, telephones, vending machines and games. Each staff member is entitled to 5 days off throughout the course of the summer. Staff members also have 3-4 nights off a week. Locally, there are pizzerias, a movie theatre, a video store and Wal-Mart.

Please be aware that CLC is a smoke free facility. NO staff members under the age of 21 are permitted to enter a bar.
Is there a counselor curfew?
Yes - counselor curfew is 12:45AM and we expect a quiet camp at 1:15AM
What are the kids like?
The kids at CLC are mostly from affluent backgrounds in the NY Metro area. We attract campers from Manhattan, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Westchester, Maryland, Philadelphia and Florida.
What is the weather like at camp?
Summer days in Pennsylvania are warm. The nights tend to cool off. Plan on 85-90 degree weather during the day with temperatures dropping to the high 70s at night. Don’t forget your raincoat, as we can always count on a few good rain storms each summer.
How do I get to camp?
We will provide transportation from Newark Airport. Foreign staff transportation will be handled through their agency. For North American Staff, we offer an allowance of up to $300 for traveling to camp. You are permitted to drive to camp as well. Detailed information on traveling to camp will be provided to hired staff members.
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