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Introducing The Tribal Times

Introducing the Tribal Times

Welcome to the first edition of Chestnut Lake Camp’s official blog. The Tribal Times will provide you with fun and exciting news about CLC and your summer family. While we all have to say goodbye after Closing Campfire, The Tribal Times will help us stay connected throughout the year. During the fall, winter and spring, the blog will feature articles on upcoming events, camper and staff spotlights, updates on camp as well as other topics. During the summer, our staff and campers will post blogs that will provide parents with another avenue to hear about all the amazing memories being made at Chestnut Lake Camp. Please feel free to email us with articles, photos and any suggestions of what you would like to us to share in The Tribal Times.

Chestnut Lake Camp Reunions – Friends, Fun & Bowling

summer camp reunions

Summers at CLC provide us with amazing friendships and special memories that last a lifetime. We can’t wait the entire school year to see each other again and relive those special moments, so every winter Chestnut Lake Camp hosts bowling reunions to provide our campers an opportunity to reconnect with one another while also welcoming new CLC campers into the family.

While we host our reunions at bowling venues, it’s easy to see that the reunion is about much more than strikes and spares. Our reunions have become such a tradition with our campers that families travel great distances to attend not only the reunion, but also the numerous sleep-overs that have become a part of the reunion weekends.

While the campers love reconnecting with one another, they are just as excited to see their favorite staff members. CLC Division Leaders and Head Counselors fly in from all over the country, as well as overseas, to take part in all the fun! The reunion weekend is definitely the highlight of the staff’s winter, as they take a break from teaching and college to reunite with their summer family.

Many Chestnut Lake campers reconnected at the reunions held in New York, Florida and Maryland. Paul even reconnected with some Chestnut Lake campers in Paris! But we still have one more reunion left before Opening Campfire. Spring Fling is a full day of fun activities designed for the whole family. We invite you to join us at Chestnut Lake Camp on May 18th for our Annual Spring Fling. Please click on the link below for the invitation and more details.


If you ever have your own CLC reunion, don’t forget to send us a photo so we can put it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!