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Color War: Minsi Wolves vs. Unami Turtles

Tribal is a tradition that showcases the CLC spirit more than any other in camp.  During Tribal, CLC’s Color War, the Minsi Wolves and Unami Turtles deck themselves out in green and white clothing, paint their faces and sing their Tribal songs and cheers all throughout camp.141b5b13-980d-470c-a58f-912108688c93












This summer, Tribal started with the Apache Relay. The Apache Relay is a giant relay race that encompasses every area in camp as well as every camper and counselor. Not only do campers compete in activities familiar to camp like swimming and running races, juggling a soccer ball, climbing the rock wall, popping a balloon at archery and kayaking around the docks; but they also compete in fun activities like singing “Chestnut Til I Die” over the PA system, playing leapfrog around the volleyball courts, performing the Hokey Pokey and wrapping someone in toilet paper!



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During Tribal Color War, the Unami and Minsi also compete against each other in typical camp activities like flag football, hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis and softball. Not only can each team earn more points for winning, but they can also earn bonus spirit points for showing their Minsi and Unami spirit. Campers and counselors can be seen and heard all over camp as they earn extra points for their tribe!






















Tribal Color War is anchored by a few “full tribe” competitions. On the first night, the campers and counselors competed in the annual Tribal Tug-O-War. Each division went head to head, Minsi vs Unami, trying to overpower the other tribe for points.












The next day, they competed in the Tribal Cheer competition. Both tribes showed their spirit as they stayed in sync and chanted and sang their favorite Tribal Cheers.





Tribal ended with one of our favorite competitions: Rope Burn! Representatives from each tribe were tasked with building a fire from the ground up that would eventually burn through a rope 10’ in the air. Both tribes built amazing fires, but it was the Minsi rope that broke first.



The Rope Burn win was enough to catapult the Minsi to the overall win.  And while the Wolves celebrated their victory, the Unami showed their true CLC spirit and character as they cheered along with them.  As always, Tribal Color War came to an end with both tribes coming together arm-in-arm and singing the CLC alma mater.

Camper Talent Show and Flego


We have had a whirlwind of thrilling activities happening at CLC!

Last week, campers were invited to showcase their unique skills at the Camper Talent Show. We saw entire bunk performances, small group acts and there were also some individual performances. This year’s acts included stand up comedy and live vocal performances.

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Another big event at camp was Flego. What is Flego? The name comes from the pro Square Dance instructors, Lou and Sue Flego. During staff training, Lou and Sue taught our staff the basics of the exhilarating country-dance. Then they came back to instruct the campers. The staff were available to help out when extra instruction was needed. The campers got to take the learning experience one step further…There was a huge Flego competition at the end! In the crowd of campers there were plenty of pig tails and plaid shirts which helped put everyone in the country- dancing spirit.
















And the best part  is…. there are so many more amazing activities to come for the campers!

Tribal Campfire

One of the most highly anticipated traditions at Chestnut Lake is our Tribal Campfire. All of the returning campers and staff deck themselves out in either green or white, while the new campers and staff anxiously wait to find out which Tribe they will be on.
















But before we officially started Tribal Campfire, we announced our Community Service Award winners. Each week, campers and staff turn in Community Service Nominations for someone in camp who they feel represents everything Chestnut Lake Camp stands for. The campers and staff whose nominations are chosen, read them aloud to the whole camp and then announce who is receiving the award. While the recipient is always thrilled to have their name called, what makes this such a special CLC tradition is that the person who gives the award is even happier!





















Once the Community Service Awards were finished, it was on to Tribal. The new campers and staff went to the lake and recited the Tribal Oath. When they walked back up to the campfire site, they were surprised to find the Unami and Minsi teams lining both sides of the path. At the campfire, each division was called up, and as they faced the campfire, they received one stripe of their new Tribal team’s color on each cheek. As they waited anxiously, they were told to “face your new tribe”. Every time a new division turned around, their new team was there to welcome them. Now the Unami Turtles and the Minsi Wolves can’t wait for the first Tribal Competition!








4th of July Celebration-CLC style

Chestnut Lake celebrated America’s birthday in typical CLC style…with a whole lot of spirit!



The whole camp was split into Red, White and Blue teams for our annual CLC Regatta. Campers worked together to design and build boats out of duct tape and cardboard.  Our Varsity, Kaya and Sani campers created parade floats out of the camp golf carts.





Then the whole camp lined Chestnut Lake Avenue as the procession of regatta boats and floats passed by.  The floats threw candy to the crowd as they cheered them along.  Everyone was decked out in 4th of July outfits…Miss Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Idaho, Colorado and Illinois even made a special appearance.


Then it was time for one of Chestnut Lake’s favorite traditions: CLC Regatta.  Each team and division chose their own captains to paddle their boats across the pool to victory.  There were many various designs.  Some worked and some didn’t, but everyone had a blast cheering their boats on!




1ecbf6bd-cc20-4de0-b8d3-bc956c005282 We capped the day with a very special performance by the Yazhi and Ciqala.  They reminded the CLC family what Independence Day is all about and performed a few patriotic numbers.  The grand finale of the show was an amazing display of fireworks that everyone enjoyed.





Chestnut Lake Camp Staff Talent Show

Three words can be used to describe the main purpose of Chestnut Lake Camp, and those words are. . .


This catchphrase aims to encourage campers to try new things. Participating in activities they’ve never tried before can bring out a whole new side of a camper!

Our staff firmly believes in the “Bring It Out” philosophy. Each year within the first few days of camp, the staff put on a talent show. They put on the show to encourage the campers to not be afraid to get involved.


Counselors and division leaders perform silly parody skits, lip syncs, dances, and anything else they want to showcase.





Later in the summer, campers themselves are able to participate in the annual camper talent show!



Chestnut Lake Camp 2014 Officially Kicks Off!

July 03, 2014

Summer Camp kicked off as the buses started rolling in at Chestnut Lake. Excited campers were greeted by Debbi and Paul as they stepped off the bus. Then they ran through the counselor tunnel where their counselors and friends were waiting for them on the other side!




The day was filled with fun activities as returning campers reunited with old friends and welcomed new campers into the CLC family.

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The official start of 2014 was celebrated with Opening Campfire.  It’s always exciting to see the campers and counselors gathering at the Campfire Site.  CLC spirit was on full display as the campers and counselors laughed and sang together.  Chestnut Lake Camp has a very special tradition that signifies how the spirit of every camper carries on from summer to summer.


Each division contributes a plank of wood that every camper and counselor signs.  These planks are stacked on top of the campfire before it is lit.  The youngest campers (Ciqala had the honor this summer!) dig up the ashes from the previous summer’s Closing Campfire.  The ashes are sprinkled on the planks, and then the fire is lit.  At the end of this summer, the ashes from Closing Campfire will be collected and buried so that the spirit of CLC 2014 and every summer before will carry on to every future Chestnut Lake Camp summer.