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Camper Talent Show and Flego


We have had a whirlwind of thrilling activities happening at CLC!

Last week, campers were invited to showcase their unique skills at the Camper Talent Show. We saw entire bunk performances, small group acts and there were also some individual performances. This year’s acts included stand up comedy and live vocal performances.

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Another big event at camp was Flego. What is Flego? The name comes from the pro Square Dance instructors, Lou and Sue Flego. During staff training, Lou and Sue taught our staff the basics of the exhilarating country-dance. Then they came back to instruct the campers. The staff were available to help out when extra instruction was needed. The campers got to take the learning experience one step further…There was a huge Flego competition at the end! In the crowd of campers there were plenty of pig tails and plaid shirts which helped put everyone in the country- dancing spirit.
















And the best part  is…. there are so many more amazing activities to come for the campers!

Tribal Times - The Official Blog of Chestnut Lake Camp

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