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Chestnut Lake Summer Camp 4th of July Regatta

The first week of Chestnut Lake Summer Camp 2015 has been amazing! We started preparing for our 4th of July celebration on Saturday.  The lower campus decorated their bunks in patriotic themes while the upper campus turned our golf carts into parade floats.

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On the afternoon of the 4th, our older campers organized a parade for the younger campers. Kaya, Sani and Varsity marched in formation and drove their floats down Chestnut Lake Avenue. As the procession passed the campers, the Kaya, Sani and Varsity threw candy as everyone cheered. Uncle Sam even made a guest appearance at Chestnut Lake Summer Camp!

Next up for our Independence Day celebration was Regatta. Campers organized into their tribes and started preparing to sail their boats in the pool, but first they watched their division leaders compete in a belly busting competition which was amusing as well. Later that evening the whole camp gathered together on the slope.  We all joined in for the singing of the National Anthem. As the National Anthem ended, our annual fireworks display began high above the stage.

Now the campers are anxiously waiting to see their families on Visiting Day at Chestnut Lake Summer Camp!

4th of July Celebration-CLC style

Chestnut Lake celebrated America’s birthday in typical CLC style…with a whole lot of spirit!



The whole camp was split into Red, White and Blue teams for our annual CLC Regatta. Campers worked together to design and build boats out of duct tape and cardboard.  Our Varsity, Kaya and Sani campers created parade floats out of the camp golf carts.





Then the whole camp lined Chestnut Lake Avenue as the procession of regatta boats and floats passed by.  The floats threw candy to the crowd as they cheered them along.  Everyone was decked out in 4th of July outfits…Miss Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Idaho, Colorado and Illinois even made a special appearance.


Then it was time for one of Chestnut Lake’s favorite traditions: CLC Regatta.  Each team and division chose their own captains to paddle their boats across the pool to victory.  There were many various designs.  Some worked and some didn’t, but everyone had a blast cheering their boats on!




1ecbf6bd-cc20-4de0-b8d3-bc956c005282 We capped the day with a very special performance by the Yazhi and Ciqala.  They reminded the CLC family what Independence Day is all about and performed a few patriotic numbers.  The grand finale of the show was an amazing display of fireworks that everyone enjoyed.